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8 Tips for Parenting Your Strong Willed Child

Tips on Parenting a Strong Willed Child. Here are 8 strategies that have been tested in my classroom for many years and at home with my three children that might be helpful for your child as well who struggles with maintaining their behavior at home or school. #strongwilledchild #parenting

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How to Tell Your Child You’re Divorcing

Learn 5 essential tips for talking with kids about divorce and helping them to cope throughout this stressful time. How parents should tell a child about divorce is a decision that can have lasting effects on the child’s well-being. Find out how families can best bring up the subject of …

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Keeping the child from the other parent. Why?

Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED: What motivates a parent to undertake PAS? PAS parents tend to be narcissistic (self-centered) and sociopathic (lacking moral conscience). They experience a significant narcissistic blow from the failure of the marriage, and they feel entitled to a

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How to Unlock Your Unique Child’s Heart

How can we homeschool our children if we don’t have their hearts? Discover 3 keys to unlock our children’s hearts so we can educate their minds. #homeschooling #homeschool #parenting | homeschool | homeschooling | parenting | family relationships | homeschool tips | homeschool mom | homeschool Christian | homeschool encouragement …

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